bata sports shoes price in Bangladesh

Bata Sports Shoes Price In Bangladesh

Bata Sports Shoes Price In Bangladesh :Public trended company Bata shoe company (Bangladesh) Limited. If you are searching for Bata sports shoe prices in Bangladesh, here it is. Bata is a very large and popular footwear company. Bata footwear brand is the top-level brand of Bangladesh. The Bata shoe organization was founded in 1894.

Today the Bata shoe organization is a sprawling geo-centric company encompassing operations in more than 70 countries around the world. It services 1 million customers per day. Bata’s reach is worldwide, its presence local. Our novel international manufacturing structure allows Bata facilities around the globe to respond to unique needs and wand local customers.

Bata started in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Bata started its operation in 1962. Currently Bata shoe company(Bangladesh) Limited operates two manufacturing facilities- one in Tongi and another in the Dhamrai. With a production capacity of 160,000 pairs of shoes daily. Annual shoe sales currently stand about 30 million pairs.

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Bata shoe products:

Bata has almost every product in the footwear industry. This product is of very high quality and attractive design, long-lasting and durable. Bata shoe list:


bata shoes


bata shoes

Sports shoes

bata sports shoes

Genuine leather loafer

Bata Sports Shoes Price In Bangladesh

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Slide Slipper

bata Slide Slipper

Casual shoes

bata shoes

Leather casual shoes

Bata Sports Shoes Price In Bangladesh


Bata sandels

High heel for women

 bata High heel for women


bata Boot


bata Sneaker

Leather slipper

bata Leather slipper

Bata sports shoe price in Bangladesh  Sports shoes is the best men’s shoes for any man like men, women, kids, etc. Bata has many reasonable pricing products of sports shoes in Bangladesh. Average Bata sports shoes pricing 1,000 Tk to 5,000 TK. 


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